It is Bond Society’s research laboratory. Re:Bond is a space dedicated to the observation of both social mutations and their impact on the way we work and live.
As a multidisciplinary platform, re:bond is designed to gather architects, urban planners, sociologists, anthropologists, researchers, engineers, landscapers, their knowledge and their appetences around the issue of lifestyle evolution and future city conception.

12 Oct. 2017


Making a skype interview, getting a job in Paris, boarding in Varsaw, landing in Roissy, striding through terminal 1 hallways, hoping in RER B, arriving Gare du Nord, taking the subway, stopping at Richard-Lenoir, walking down rue du Chemin vert, ringing at Julien’s condo, hugging him, putting your suitcase in the living room, visiting all two bedrooms, sipping a drink in the sun, remember the beauty of our Madrid Erasmus five years ago, going back home late and falling asleep on Julien’s coach.  Waking up early, gulping down a coffee, surfing the internet for a while, running after the bus, admire Paris, waiting in line in a staircase, rushing through the desired studio, handing your documents, smiling, waiting, doing it again, and again.

Spending three months looking for an apartment.

Spending three month on Julien’s coach.


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Coliving ?

We have discovered this new lifestyle though travels and experiences and we have tackled the subject for a year.
The issues we met as we were looking for accommodation and for “home” have fed our reflection. Like nomads, we have been frequently on the move since we graduated from high school. Mobility was a gift we were given, this is how we apprehend borders: an opportunity to share and discover.

We are convinced that behind the very word lay social, urban, economic and demographic mutations and our wish is to list, assess and meet existing examples.

We as architects wish to understand its whys and wherefores. Since it is a new architectural programming, it was a prerequisite for us to grasp it stakes and its complexities before we started to sketch any area, any room. Our aim is to grasp the whole functioning of our projects and their user and dwellers.