"I have made all calculations once again, They confirm the experts’ opinion: Our idea is not feasible.
There’s one thing left to do: Make it real”
Pierre-Georges Latécoère

"One needs to come back to the origin and make it a circulating area and a melting spot. A magnificent place, on the water, between to lgrounds. [...]
From link to land."
Marc Mimram

"What really matters is not how the building looks when brand new, but how it looks thirty years later."
Alvar Aalto

"As I always say, architecture is a border art, precisely because it is constantly contaminated, filled with numerous artistic expression drawn from other disciplines."
Renzo Piano

"Visual evocation upon continuity is what shapes architect’s destiny. Absolute sharpness is said to enable project managers, pure aesthete, to avoid actual building hazard. He should then keep his imaginary edifices for himself. This is never the case; each builder will have his fair share of surprises during the construction phase. It is all too normal. [...]"

"We must confess that the yard is always capable of amazing us, in good or bad.
Architecture keeps parts of its mystery for itself, bares mere fragment of it and only reveal its mystery when all volumes are set in their righteous place.
The ongoing work is a discussion, either unsatisfactory or promising. We look for arguments. We listen to all resonances, without foreseeing the end. All these emotions cannot be forecasted or known in advance. This is for the better: a yard without anxiety would be like a life without suffering."
Fernand Pouillon