Two persons. Two experiences. Two mindsets.

Our vision: connecting yesterday and tomorrow, talents and trades, to build historically sensitive and environmentally innovative spaces that would be both balanced and adaptable to the needs of current and future users.

As travelers we know all too well the borders and the limitations implied by isolation. That's why we strive to build links rather than walls, dialogues rather than fences.

Speaking of today, we talk past and future. Places, just like people, remember and are enshrined in an environment, a culture and a history. Without memory, without deep understanding of the background, there can be no innovation. Projects thrive on diversity, therefore we want to bring ideas, stakeholders, and trades together in unison.

A dynamic movement where form and function join for a common goal.


Our values

Foster collectiveness

We foster all bonds necessary for individual and group to communicate. Let know-how and desire join around a common project. We value trust and we are very careful to share competencies therefore we favour close and recurring collaborations with our different partners.

Foster connections

We open borders. Architecture is a field of exploration, an adventure. As we collaborate with several international agencies located in São Paolo, Cologne or London, we do question and strengthen our own practices.

Reveal everyone’s Value

We value our teams. They drive us. They are our strength. We’re convinced that personal growth is the key to project success and we strive to reach the balance between ambition and humility, within a collective and diverse environment.

Building Together

We do act for the greater good. A harmonious gathering. A humane place. We have dedicated ourselves to balancing optimisation and architectural quality for years and we insist on using lasting materials, on applying sustainable exploitation and maintenance practices.

Shaping the experience

We know there are rules in architecture, just as in nature; yet we see them not as limitations, but as a framework for freedom and expression. As we developed projects, from feasibility studies to completion –housing, public equipment, offices- we have acquired both methodology and a demanding work ethic.



Architectural and urban conception


Construction and renovation


Project management advisory


Research and planning


Interior design


(Building is)  bonding

We are very committed to the concept of sharing. We work on the relationships between intimate and collective, public and private space, with one central issue in mind: the user.

More than merely an observer, the user is in our opinion, a fully-committed participator in their environment.  A conscious mind, capable of making a unique impact. An active citizen living within a greater group.

As we offer the user open, adaptable expressions of identity that can meet different needs over time, we want to foster personal and social development, as to empower the user to make a space their own.


Projects are made to be read

As they host life, spaces invite the user to shape themselves. Therefore, we speak a simple language to define architectural objects and the spaces they inhabit. A clear, well-managed concept, a dialog between context and territory that enables each and every participant to quickly grasp the project’s issues and to “feel the space”.

Only harmony can arouse such emotion; from local, artisanal and responsible know-how, we question materials and durability, natural light exposure, historical context, and natural resources to achieve balance between general aspect and inner quality.

Towards Tomorrow

Context and practices constantly evolve. A building designed for housing today can be given another purpose tomorrow. The why rebuild when we can transform?

We design structures, frames, openings, materials, programmatic organizations, accesses and courses to adapt to new lifestyles, to meet future stakes and to create both “transformable and adaptable” architectural objects.

Every project is based on needs and constraints. We pay great care to the client’s, the partners’ and the inhabitants’ requests. We are aware of the economic, regulatory and contextual program-related constraints. We therefore maintain deep and thorough relationships between all stakeholders. A constant dialogue.


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